Simplest Lawnmower Maintenance and Repair Tips

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Let’s all be honest here, who does not want to have a lawn that will make passersby stop and breathe out the words “beautiful” and “enviable”? Your front lawn speaks a lot about how you keep your home and people respond to it, which is why a reliable lawn mower is a must have among your gardening tools and equipment and invest in it you must, since these babies don’t come very cheap.

So brings us to the importance of proper lawnmower maintenance; after all, if you want to keep turning heads with your beautiful lawn, you better learn some Do-It-Yourself tricks on how to make sure your prized lawn mower is in top shape all the time.

The first rule in garden machinery cares is to make sure that you provide a space either inside your garage or tool shed to put your lawnmower in; leaving it exposed to the changing weather and seasons can cause damage and rust to the blades, as well as on the other parts, so keep your mower inside a dry and clean area when you are not using it.

Now to make sure that you will still have a perfectly working lawn mower come summer season, you need to make sure that you check your batteries regularly during the off – season; be sure to check if the batteries need to be recharged and start the mower’s engine from time to time. You should also check if you’ve got old fuel in the tank since old or deteriorated fuel can damage your lawn mower’s engine. Get rid of old fuel that can clog up the carburetor in your lawn mower’s small engine and simply add a fuel stabilizer every time you fill the tanks with fuel, this way you can avoid spending a lot of time and energy trying to start a clogged up engine as well as save a lot of money on costly lawn mower servicing. And you also need to do an oil change on your lawn mower every three to six months or change the oil before you start using the lawn mower once again in the spring especially if the oil inside its’ engine has not been changed since winter started. Keep in mind that your mower is powered by an engine (unless you own one of those manually powered mowers) and all automotive engines need regular oil engines for it to work properly and avoid premature damages.

Another cost effective and actually very simple way to make sure your machine will work properly when you need it is to replace spark plugs as well as the filters before you use it again during spring or summer, doing so every year extends the life of your mower. It’s very simple really; you need to replace the fuel filter so your engine can start easily, replace paper filters and wash and air dry the foam filters, soon enough you’d be surprised at how well your lawn mower is getting the job done.